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It’s an Adventure to follow Jesus!

 The first step is to say “Yes, Jesus, I believe” and with a genuine committment of your heart, God begins to reveal Himself.

Not only does He reveal who He is, but how He sees you. You are a treasure! A masterpiece in the making!

God’s Holy Spirit begins to guide you, prompt you, alert you to the threats against the Real Life He has given you. He shapes us into right-standing, victorious members of His family… His kids!

And we all have something to give. It began with our heart and continues with what He pours into us. Our skills, gifts, knowledge of truth… every good thing comes from the Lord. And they are for giving! Because as we give out of generosity, He pours in more! It’s the supply chain of God!

It’s all such Great News… that while we still chose not to follow God, He still loved us enough that His Son Jesus gave His life so Real Life would be available to us! When you take hold of what he laid out for us and experience Real Life, you just gotta tell someone! And by the blood of the One who gave His life and the word of our testimony, we overcome anything Satan can throw at us.

Praise God! He is with us!

Will you reach out… pick up… Real Life?

Pastor Newton