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The Presence of God is our greatest resource. As Holy Spirit fills us and we are connected to our Heavenly Father in intimate ways, we can flow with what He is doing.

God is always moving, working and this flow is available to all who put their trust in the Lord. Yet so many people are hindered by wounds and lies that keep us from realizing this powerful flow of God’s goodness.

Christ came to set us free! He has made a way for us to be fully accepted sons and daughters of the Most High. As the truth of God’s unfailing love frees us from the bondage and deception of darkness, we will find a richer awareness of His Presence.

God’s Presence provides that special, intimate place where He can speak life to our wounds, speak truth to the lies. His Presence fills a deep well in us with goodness, peace and joy that will overflow and splash out to those around us and change the spiritual atmosphere.

Let’s seek the freedom that allows a full flow of the Glory of God to shine through us. There are so many people around us thirsty for the Water of Life!